WinSyslog 14.3 Final (Build Service

Release Date: 2017-09-19

Build-IDs: Service, Client


  • Configuration Client: Added DebugLog Viewer utility which can be used to analyze and filter the service debug log.
  • Configuration Reload: The random delay can now set up to 24 hours and does not affect the service control manager communication anymore.
  • Send to Communication Port Action: Comport are now kept open and the connection will be reused each time the action is called.
  • Debug Output: The format has been extended to include additional data and reformatted in many cases.
  • Engine: Added automatic crash generation and report function. If crashes can be caught internally, a dumpfile will be generated and send to Adiscon if allowed in Debug options.


  • Syslog Action: Fixed an issue parsing IPv6 Address. When an IPv6 Address
    was used, the last digit pair was incorrectly removed to be set as port.
  • Post Process Action: Fixed an issue which caused the service to stop working on automatic configuration reload.

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WinSyslog 14.3 Final (Build Service
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