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WinSyslog 14.3 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 14.3 release of MonitorWare Agent. This release contains some minor but useful features. Most important the debug output format has been enhanced. The new configuration client contains a DebugLog Viewer which lets you load and analyze the debug log in real-time. It is even possible to filter debug output […]

WinSyslog 14.3 Final (Build Service

Release Date: 2017-09-19 Build-IDs: Service, Client  Features Configuration Client: Added DebugLog Viewer utility which can be used to analyze and filter the service debug log. Configuration Reload: The random delay can now set up to 24 hours and does not affect the service control manager communication anymore. Send to Communication Port Action: Comport […]

How To Export the Configuration and Create a Debug Log File

How To Export the Configuration and Create a Debug Log File Article created 2017-11-15 by Pascal Withopf This Article describes you how you can export the configuration of your program and create a debug file. These are needed for troubleshooting. The Article is applicable to EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog. How to Export the Configuration […]

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