syslog server

Creating a simple Syslog Server

Last updated 2016-08-26 by Jan Gerhards, using Winsyslog 13.2. In this scenario, a simple Syslog server will be created. No other services are configured. The Syslog server will operate as a standard Syslog server on the default port of 514/UDP. All incoming data will be written to a single text file. Step 1 – Defining a […]

Performance Optimizing Syslog Server

Performance Optimizing Syslog Server Do you want to receive syslog in a Windows environment? Take a look at WinSyslog! Receive, process and store your syslog data from routers, firewalls or linux/unix servers with this easy to configure application in your Windows environment. Troubleshoot network problems or be alerted, all quickly and easily. Take a Quick […]

Syslog Server for Windows Released

Today, NTSLog has been released. NTSLog is a syslog server tool for Windows. It works like the Unix syslogd part. NTSLog was envisioned during Internet consulting projects, where the lack of syslog functionality on Windows NT had been identified as a problem area. A prototype was developed and has prooven to be quite useful. So […]

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