Installation and Configuration

Database Formats

These sample here implement the MonitorWare Common Database Format in widely used database systems. Attention Sybase users: the “Message” name is reserved in your database system and cannot be used as a field name. It needs to be changed, otherwise the table create will fail. Be sure to also change it in to client database […]

How To Export the Configuration and Create a Debug Log File

How To Export the Configuration and Create a Debug Log File Article created 2017-11-15 by Pascal Withopf This Article describes you how you can export the configuration of your program and create a debug file. These are needed for troubleshooting. The Article is applicable to EventReporter, MonitorWare Agent and WinSyslog. How to Export the Configuration […]

Database Logging with MSSQL

This guide helps you to add database logging to any of your services. Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager 1. To create a new Database, open up the Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager. 2. Right-click on “Databases” and select “New Database”. 3. Select a Database Name there and click “OK”. ODBC Data Source Administrator After you created the […]

How To setup php-syslog-ng with MonitorWare Products?

What are the settings that I would have to make such that php-syslog-ng can create Reports from MonitorWare Products? There are a few things that have to be set in order to get php-syslog-ng running with MonitorWare products for Reporting purposes. Note: To view reports via php-syslog-ng, you need a local web server (for example […]

How to setup MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter?

WinSyslog and EventReporter are subset of MonitorWare Agent. This means that there would be no difference in the set up creation.You need administrative privileges on each of the machines. This is required both for installation and configuration. Make sure you log on with a sufficiently privileged user account. Download your desired software from: After […]

How do I apply filters in MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter?

MonitorWare Agent, WinSyslog and EventReporter enables you to apply filters to achieve your desired results. This step-by-step guide will help you through creating these filters. You can: Add a filter Update a filter Delete a filter Please note: WinSyslog and EventReporter are subset of MonitorWare Agent i.e. MonitorWare Agent has all the features supported by […]

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